The Story of Bolivia’s Teenage Mine Workers

Potosí, Bolivia, crowns the world’s cities at more than two-and-a-half miles above sea level, but its mines lead directly to the depths of Hades …


St. James Encyclopedia of Labor History Worldwide

Major Events in Labor History and Their Impact

Bloomberg BNA February 2, 2017

Denying incentive compensation or seniority-based job choices to employees on maternity leave is discriminatory toward women …

Bloomberg BNA July 26, 2018

Spain’s Socialist prime minister has laid out a labor policy that promises sweeping reforms but may stop short of fully reversing changes made by the preceding conservative governments …



The Industrial Revolution in America: Steam Shipping

Labor Organizations and Reform Movements




Portugal: Freelancer Rules Tightened

Bloomberg BNA January 19, 2018

Hiring freelancers in Portugal may require increased social security payments in 2018 under a broadened definition of “contracting entity.”

Spain: Supreme Court OKs Maternity Leave for Surrogate Babies

Bloomberg BNA November 4, 2016

Spain’s Supreme Court has for the first time recognized the right to maternity leave of working parents who used surrogate mothers …


A global tug-of-war splits nations over World Trade Organization

U.N. Observer & International Report

As world leaders gathered in Geneva to trade praise and plans for a borderless economy, activists were at the ready with a monkey wrench for the new world order …