privacy & security

privacy & security

Bloomberg Law Nov. 6, 2018

European Parliament elections could face a hacking threat as member states struggle to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation
Bloomberg Law  Jun. 28, 2018
Spain’s parliamentary gridlock is slowing down approval of a revised data protection law
Bloomberg Law  Oct. 28, 2015

In its first-ever ruling on the right to be forgotten, Spain’s Supreme Court has recognized the need for Web code to prevent search engine indexing of published personal information, but also said data protection may not be used to rewrite history

Personal Data Left Open to Internet Access On Site of Spanish Data Protection Authority                     

Privacy & Security Law Report Feb. 15, 2010

In an apparent security failure affecting more than 1,000 data subjects, personal contact information guarded by Spain’s top data protection authority was left vulnerable to unrestricted Internet access for at least several days