Catalonia Referendum Showdown Brings Tax Uncertainty
Bloomberg BNA September 28, 2017

Companies in the Spanish region of Catalonia are caught in the middle as the state and regional governments clash over an unauthorized independence referendum scheduled for Oct. 1.

Tax Professionals Grapple With EU Transparency Challenges
Bloomberg BNA November 23, 2018

Companies in Europe are being advised to work now to comply with new rules requiring them to report certain aggressive cross-border tax planning arrangements to national tax authorities.

Andorra Penalizes Tax Crimes for First Time
Bloomberg BNA September 28, 2017

Companies and high-net-worth individuals in the erstwhile tax haven of Andorra will soon face a legal concept previously unknown in the microstate: tax crimes.

EU Single Market to Tackle Taxation Barriers
Bloomberg BNA November 10, 2016

Europe’s digital single market chief has urged the continent to “hurry up” with implementing the single market, warning it is falling behind on plans to break down national barriers to digital goods and services.